Our People

With an average employment tenure of over 15 years, Imperial has a highly professional staff with literally hundreds of years of combined experience specific to the custom architectural woodworking industry.  They are familiar with every aspect of delivering a successful project from start to finish and providing the highest level of personalized customer service. 

Estimating / Project Management

Our Estimating / Project Management team possesses many years of industry-specific experience to meet the challenges and unique requirements of your project and has participated in the successful completion of hundreds of projects varied in both schedule and scope.  Our Estimating / Project Management team is unique in that they combine the two disciplines, which is unusual in our industry.  Our theory is that the person who estimated your project knows your project the best. They are your personal liaison at every stage and provide consistency, from concept to successful installation. 


Imperial Woodworking Company prides itself on industry leading engineering and design documentation.  All of our Project Engineers are committed to working with the latest technology in order to improve our work process and to stay consistent with the architectural industry that we work with so closely.  Imperial’s Project Engineers are comfortable working in a wide range of architectural styles and produce concise, detailed shop drawings which effectively and efficiently communicate the design intent of the client.  We utilize our technology on every project to bring an architect’s design to life.


From the beginning, we have held to the highest standards of craftsmanship.  Many of our senior cabinetmakers, finishers, and carpenters are accomplished artisans who learned their craft from the masters in the custom woodworking shops of Europe.  Our craftsmen pay meticulous attention to every detail and are committed to rendering each project into a unique work of art whose value appreciates over time. Today, they continue to pass these skills along to a new, young workforce, for no better instrument has been devised to ensure perfection of the finished piece than the craftsman’s hand.

At Imperial, we strive for excellence in everything we do.  This focus on quality is present throughout the company.  Just as important, Imperial Woodworking Company consistently delivers more than customers ask for and does so on time and on budget.  In 50 years, Imperial has never failed to meet a commitment regardless of the size or complexity of the project.  Our people are the reason why.

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